Traveling, Traveling, Traveling

Acts 1:8 (NKJV) 8 But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

It has been quite a busy year for my wife and me. We have been doing our best to fulfill today’s scripture as we establish Living Word International as our primary ministry. Unfortunately, the travel has left us behind in posting to this space as well as in other writing we feel God has called us to do. For that I apologize.

However, as you pray for us and support us financially, the bible is clear that what we do is credited to your account in heaven as well. Please do pray for us. The doors are open. We need you to agree with us for the finances and the strength to go. God has been good to us and he will continue to be in the future.

As much as it would bless us to have your support financially, it is even more important that you pray. Over my nearly 40 years as a pastor, I often stood before our church and asked them to do their financial best but to agree with me that whatever we could not do, God would do supernaturally. We saw God move time and again as our faith was mobilized together. I would request that those who have been blessed by this blog would do the same. You may not be able to give but if you will really agree with me today, I know God will continue to provide. Thank you in advance.

I want to take a moment to give you a quick update. We spent the first 3 weeks of this year pouring into students at Blue Ridge Bible School in Rocky Mount Virginia. We really appreciate the trust of Pastors Phil and Gina Crandall as well the whole family at Blue Ridge for the opportunity to teach these fine students. We will be there again in January of 2019.

We left Virginia and spent a week with The Rock in Conneaut Ohio and New Beginnings in Erie Pennsylvania. The Rock is pastored by Pastors James and Michelle Friend and New Beginnings by James’ parents Paul and Anne Friend. We had a great time in both places. Thanks.

We then had our annual Unity Through Fellowship leadership conference at Living Word in Greene. From there we spent about 10 days in Costa Rica ministering with Pastor John Snyder, Dr. Eldon Wilson and Pastor Paul Friend in prophetic ministry to a group of pastors from a major denomination in that country. We also ministered to the local church in Aguas Clara, Costa Rica.

Next up was a trip to the Philippines with Pastor Ron and Lorraine Estep of Havre de Grace, Maryland. We had a great time ministering to a group of churches and a bible school on the island of Palawan. We traveled the length of the island visiting churches and teaching in a conference for their leaders and people at the school in the city of Narra.

Next it was back to the Bible School in Virginia for graduation and a visit to our oldest son in Nashville and some dear friends in Michigan. We will finally have some time at home from the middle of May through July.

Next up is a short trip to Mamaroneck, NY in June and then our annual visit to Kenya and Uganda. We will spend 2 months there from mid-August to mid-October. This is a major focus for us so please pray.

Finally, we end the year with a trip to Columbia in December with my son-in-law, Louis to visit a pastor friend of his named Julio Valandia where we will minister to pastors and leaders in the city of Bogotá.

Continue to pray for us. Visit to purchase our books. The proceeds will help finance our travels. There are many more doors open and we are praying about what the Lord wants us to do to meet the tremendous need we see in the world.

If any would like to help with the costs of travel, we would appreciate it. Checks can be made out to Intercession Ministries and you can give electronically through PayPal using the email address (Intercession Ministries is our personal incorporation that pre-dates our church, Living Word Christian Center. Giving through Intercession Ministries makes the bookkeeping easier and gives tax credit for those who ask.)

Thanks again for reading and for supporting us. You are a blessing to us even though we may never have met.


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