Mission Update: Kenya and Uganda 2016

Matthew 28:19-20 (NKJV) 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.

It has been some time since I posted, but I think when you hear what our schedule has been you may be inclined to forgive me. We have been in Kenya and Uganda since August 9. During that time, we have been in leadership conferences in 4 cities and a ladies conference in another. To this point I have ministered 46 times and my wife somewhere around 30 times. We still have three conferences and three weeks ahead of us along with two Marriage seminars plus Sunday services. It has been and continues to be a very grueling but fulfilling schedule.

In these meetings we have ministered to over 300 leaders. I have no idea how many churches have been affected but I know it has been a good number. The impact we are seeing is such that at least as many places as we have been to on this trip are pleading with us to come to their city next year. Pray for us as this is only one place that God is taking us right now. We are seeing the same things happen in West Africa and Puerto Rico. We will be adding the Philippines and we anticipate a return to South America and Europe soon.

If you feel to help with the finances you can do so through our web site, www.Livingwordgreene.com. If you are not inclined to do that, I certainly understand but please pray for supernatural provision. We believe this is the direction for our ministry at this stage of our lives. As we see the great need and the favor God is giving us everywhere we go, we know that it is essential that we keep expanding and that will take significant amounts of money. I believe that what God calls for he provides for, so we are not worried. We just need your faith behind us. I fully expect God to open a channel of income that will allow us to touch these hungry people with the Word of God.

I underlined the last part of today’s scripture because that is our mandate. We are not the ones winning people to the Lord. In other countries and cultures, I believe those who grew up in those cultures do a much better job of that. We are not making disciples in the sense of establishing churches or mentoring. There are some with whom we have close relationship and we are able to give them a different kind of input than the others. However, our role is summed up by that last sentence. We are to teach others what we have learned.

My wife and I have been in ministry, mostly pastoring, for 38 years. We have learned many things about pastoring, ministry and life itself as lived for Jesus. We believe that communicating that knowledge to as many people as possible is what we are called to do. There are many bring “how to’s” to people and that is necessary. My job is to bring the proper foundation so that when they apply the “how to’s” they will do it the right way. Many are hearing messages on how to be a success but not how to be godly, full of integrity and committed building God’s kingdom and not their own.

One of the interesting things I am seeing more on this trip than before, is the fact that people are hungry to know how to do things the right way; the Godly way. We were talking to a young man in one of the cities and he said, “You are saying things and saying them in a way that we have never heard. We are told we should desire to be “bishops” but we are not being taught to lay down our lives for Jesus.” That is our mission.

I believe in the supernatural. If the supernatural has no application in the natural world, we might as well forget Christianity. Christianity was always designed to be a supernatural lifestyle not just an enhancement to natural life nor even a way to get sins forgiven and live forever with God. It was always God’s intent to have a people who could relate to Him because they were living in a limited world connected to the unlimited God.

Our lives should reflect that and our ministry to people must draw from that or it is just another good philosophy to live by. God created man to be his family. As his family, he expects us to tap into his supernatural life to bring more children back to the Father. Once they have returned to the family we are to help them grow into the children he wants them to be. We are to be supernatural people living supernatural life in the natural world. Anything less is less than what Jesus gave his life for.

John 10:10 (NKJV) 10 The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

One aspect of the life Jesus wants us to live is what I have been teaching most of the year. We must learn to believe that anything is possible if we believe in the reality of a supernatural God. If we are limited to natural possibilities, we are lost. The more I look at the problems of the world the more I am convinced that there are not natural solutions. Thank God we are not limited to them.

Certainly, many people in Africa face physical limitations that we in the U.S. do not. They do not have access to many of the things we take for granted. Good roads, good water and education are often unavailable to large segments of the population. Those who enjoy a lifestyle similar to ours are limited to the larger cities. We need to teach these people how to believe God for the necessities of life.

More important however, are the impossibilities they face politically. The world is a dangerous place. Jesus said we are the light of the world but also the salt of the earth. Light exposes but salt preserves and seasons. Jesus is coming again. I do not know when but I do know the world is in trouble. We need the church to be the real church. We need it to shine the light of Jesus on society. We do not need it to promote the various religious and doctrinal points of view we fight about. We need to reveal the real Jesus to a dying world. To do that we need to have the character, integrity and Godliness that Jesus had when he walked the earth.

We are the salt of the earth. It is our job to act as a preservative for humanity until Jesus comes. One aspect of that is to stand for righteousness and holiness. Society across the globe is rapidly rejecting biblical truth in the name of humanism and “freedom.” They do not understand that the wages of sin is always death. Sin opens the door to the devil and that always leads to destruction. It is up to the church to show them a better way.

As salt we are also supposed to “season” the world by being Christ like in front of them. They should see in us what a joyful, thankful and inwardly powerful people look like. We should display something that they will desire. Humanity knows that the answer is not in outward things. They need to see a people who “season” life with the supernatural joy and peace that Jesus promised.

I am convinced that there are many who want to know that kind of life. I do not offer quick fixes to problems. I do not promise easy or merely outward success. I teach how to die to self that a better self may emerge. I teach how to walk in consistency and integrity but also how that kind of walk releases the power of God to build his kingdom. I teach that as we seek his kingdom first all the needs of life are met. (Matthew 6:33) I am finding a people who are hungry for such things and the doors are opening rapidly.

Pray for us and the many others who are doing this kind of work. Pray for wisdom, finances and strength. We need this in the United States but we need it overseas as well. The world is a very small place today. When the church becomes the channel for the true and living God in the earth we will see less room for the extreme philosophies that threaten to destroy us.

We are excited to see that God is using us to help in a small way to make sure that his church “occupies until he comes.”