Jesus: The Peace and Power of God in Your Boat

Mark 4:37-39 (NKJV) 37 And a great windstorm arose, and the waves beat into the boat, so that it was already filling. 38 But He was in the stern, asleep on a pillow. And they awoke Him and said to Him, “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?” 39 Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.

This week we have been looking at the story from Mark 4 about the disciples on the sea of Galilee in a terrible storm. The disciples were afraid because the storm was so great. Jesus calmed the storm and asked the disciples why they had no faith in Him. We found our answer in the last verse of the chapter. They did not understand just whom they had in their boat.

Yesterday we looked at Jesus as the promise of God in our boat. Jesus told them to go to the other side. The words of Jesus were the words of God. God’s word is full of power. If Jesus told them to go to the other side of the Sea of Galilee, then those words had the power to get them there.

The same is true of every promise in the bible. All the promises of God are yes and amen in Christ Jesus. (2 Corinthians 1:20) That means Jesus is the promise of God in your boat. Whatever the bible says is ours in we can receive as done in the name of Jesus. In those promises, we have the Word of Jesus himself that we will get to the other side of every need.

Today I want to look at two other things Jesus was in the disciple’s boat. When the storm got very bad, they looked into the back of the boat and could not believe their eyes when they saw that Jesus was asleep! Jesus was not sheltered from the storm. I am sure he was tossed as much as or more than those in the middle of the boat. The rain was coming down on him and the wind was blowing over him. Yet with all the turmoil created by the storm, Jesus was asleep.

I do not blame them for being afraid. I have already pointed out that they were experienced seaman who had weathered many storms on the Galilee. If they were afraid, this must have been a particularly bad storm. The part I do not understand is what they said when they woke Jesus.

“Don’t you care that we are going to die?” they said. It would seem that they questioned Jesus love and care for them. We often fall into the same trap. If the devil can get us to question God’s love for us, he has beaten us. In Romans 8 we read about Paul. He says that he is more than a conqueror because he was fully persuaded that nothing could separate him from the love of God in Christ. Had the disciples held Paul’s conviction they would not have questioned Jesus’ love for them and they would not have given in to fear.

I want to point out something about this scenario that you may not have considered. The disciples interpreted this as Jesus’ lack of care for their situation. There is another interpretation. Jesus was asleep because he was at peace. He could sleep with the storm raging because he knew the storm would not overwhelm them. Jesus was the peace of God in their boat.

They could have looked to the stern of their troubled ship, seen Jesus asleep and said to one another, “If Jesus is able to sleep in this storm I guess we must be alright.” I do not really think Jesus calmed the storm so they would make it to the other side. They were going to do that anyway. He calmed the storm because it was so distressing to the disciples. He had no doubt that they would make it. He was at peace and asleep in the middle of the trial.

Jesus is the peace of God in your boat. If he is not worried, we do not have to worry. If he is asleep in the boat that does not mean he does not care; it means that he knows you are going to make it. How can we tell if Jesus is not worried? We cannot see him sleeping in our boat. There are two things I can think of that we can look at.

First, we can look at the Word of God. If you have a promise from the bible that you know covers your situation, I can assure you that Jesus is not worried. You can use the written Word as the disciples should have used the sleeping Jesus. When you are tempted to fear, look at the promise in the Word of God. You will find that it has not changed since the last time you looked at it.

Replace the worried thoughts with the promise of God. Meditate on the promise. Confess the promise over your life. The more you do, the less you will fear. Jesus is not worried as long as the promise has not changed and you do not have to worry either.

You also need to find that place in your heart where you know Jesus lives. This is a little more abstract and I cannot tell exactly how to do that. I can say that over the years I have served the Lord, there have been many times when I thought the waves might overwhelm my boat. If I looked to my natural mind, I could not see how God could ever meet the need. There were times when the worried thoughts pushed aside the truth of the promise of God.

In those moments I would take time to quiet myself and focus on a place that was deeper than the thoughts running around my head. I would find that place where I know the Lord lives in my heart. In that place, I would find the peace and assurance that everything was under control and I knew we would have victory. In 36 years of serving God, that assurance has never been wrong.

Finally, we see that Jesus did stand up in the bow of the boat and speak to the storm. As I said, I do not really think he calmed the storm to get them to the other side. However, part of their problem was that they did not understand that Jesus was the power of God in their boat. Although I am not sure they needed the storm calmed, if they did Jesus was the power to get that done.

Jesus is the power of God in your boat. Whatever need may arise, if you have Jesus in your boat, you will be all right. There is nothing that can happen to you that is greater than the power of God. God created the whole earth. Is there anything the earth could possibly bring against us that the power of God cannot overcome?

If there is sickness in your body, is that greater than the power of God. I know that people are not always healed. I know that even Christians die of sickness and disease. However, that does not change the fact that God is able to heal any disease.

Is God incapable of dealing with financial lack? Of course not! God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and as one brother said, “The tators under the hills too.” God has ways to meet your needs that you have never imagined.

Is there a relationship problem that is too hard for him? Is there any circumstance that man can face that is beyond his ability? If there is, he is not God.

Things do not always turn out the way we want them to. There are many reasons why we may not see healings or miracles. Lack of ability on the part of God is not one of them. Neither is any lack of love. Jesus is in your boat if you are a Christian. Jesus is the power of God in your boat.

Think about these things. See Jesus asleep in your boat as the storm rages around you. Let the peace of God that he knows cover you like a warm blanket on a cold night. See him stand up in your boat and calm the storm. Let that give you the assurance that there is no power that can stand against the power of God. Jesus is the peace and power of God in your boat.

Jesus is the Promise of God in Your Boat

Mark 4:35 (NKJV) 35 On the same day, when evening had come, He said to them, “Let us cross over to the other side.”

Yesterday we talked about the fact that the disciples in Mark 4 were fearful because they did not understand who was in their boat. They had walked with Jesus and seen him do great things. They had heard him teach the word of God in authority and power. The very same day they left in their boat they had heard one of the greatest teachings in the bible in the parable of the sower. Yet when the storm came they could not believe that Jesus would keep them safe. The last verse in the chapter tells us why.

In our lives we go through the sea of life in a boat made out of what we believe both naturally and spiritually. The sea around us is often stormy but we are not alone in our boat just as the disciples were not alone in theirs. If you are saved, Jesus is in your boat as you travel through life. The question is, do you understand who the Jesus in your boat really is?

Jesus is many things to us but I found three things that Jesus was to the disciples during the storm. First, Jesus was the promise of God in their boat. Jesus said to them, “Go to the other side of the lake.” He did not say, “Go to the other side of the lake if there is no storm.” He did not say, “Go to the other side of the lake if you can.” He did not say, “Go to the middle of the lake and drown in a terrible storm.” If Jesus said go to the other side, than the words he spoke contained the power to get them there. (John 6:63)

The disciples not only had the promise of Jesus in their boat, they had the promise giver as well. Jesus was asleep in the boat. All they had to do was look back at him and remember the command he had given. They could have stood in the front of the boat themselves and said, “Storm, Jesus told us to go to the other side and we are going to the other side!” The storm may or may not have stopped but they would have the assurance of Jesus’ words that they would make it.

They did not even have to speak to the storm. All they really needed to do is remind themselves that Jesus said go to the other side. The promise was that they would get to the other side. The promise was not that the storm would stop.

I want you to remember something. In this story Jesus took control and stopped the storm. There may be times in life where you stand up in your boat and speak to the storm of life around you and the wind stops blowing and the rain stops falling and the water becomes calm. Most of the time, you are going to have to spend some time in the storm. The storm may rage around you but if you have the promise of God in your boat you can be assured you will make it to the other side of whatever circumstance you may be facing.

They had the promise giver in their boat. They could have looked to him for assurance. What do we have that we can look to for assurance? We have the same thing they did. We have the promise giver in our boat.

John 16:7 (NKJV) 7 Nevertheless I tell you the truth. It is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I depart, I will send Him to you.

Jesus promised that when he was no longer here in the flesh there would be “anther comforter or helper that would come to us. This other comforter would take his place in the earth and do the same things for us that he did for the disciples. If you are a Christian today the Holy Spirit is in your boat. You can look to him just as the disciples looked to Jesus and know that you are not alone in the boat and that the promise God gave you is sure to come to pass.

You have something else to take the physical Jesus’ place in your boat.

John 1:1 (NKJV) 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1:14 (NKJV) 14 And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

Jesus is the Word made flesh. However, the converse is also true. The Word and God are one. We have the written Word of God to look to in our boat. The bible says that all the promises of God are yes and Amen in Christ Jesus. (2 Corinthians 1:20) When the storms arise around my boat all I need to do is go to the Word of God and find the promise that applies to my situation. When I have the promise in the Word, I can look to that promise just as the disciples could look to the physical Jesus asleep in their boat.

I do not know what you face today on your journey in the boat of your life. You may face physical sickness, fear or depression. You may be struggling financially or in your family. Whatever it may be, find a promise to look to. If you already have one you have been standing on, read and meditate on it every day. Find other scriptures that support the promise. Keep your eyes on the promise not on the storm.

As you do, you may hear the Holy Spirit say, “Stand up and rebuke the storm!” He is in your boat with you. You may find that the storm simply calms on its own as the Spirit of God deals with circumstances around you. Very often you will have to stand through the storm.

If that is the case, keep your eyes on Jesus. Keep your mind stayed on his Word. Know that the Holy Spirit will never leave or forsake you no matter what is happening around you. (Hebrews 13:5)

There is no way to tell you how long it will take to get to the other side. There is no way to tell you how God is going to meet your need. I cannot even promise you that you will never lose anything along the way. Sometimes things happen that we have no answers for. What I can say is that somehow you will get through the storm and get to the other side.

I have never done this before, but if you have sufficient internet connectivity, give this song a listen. I wrote it may years ago and it has proven to be true in my life.

Let me know if that works. Remember, Jesus is the promise of God in your boat.

From Tanzania: Who is in Your Boat

Mark 4:39-41 (NKJV) 39 Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm. 40 But He said to them, “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?” 41 And they feared exceedingly, and said to one another, “Who can this be, that even the wind and the sea obey Him!”

(As is often the case while I am traveling I have found it difficult on this trip to find the time and “in the midst of jet lag” energy to post anything. I hope those of you that have been reading will continue to check back over then next 5 weeks. We are currently in the nation of Tanzania. We are blessed to be hosted by missionaries Chris and Holly Oesterblad and Agape Ministries. Their main work is a bible school, which is part of the same ministry Sharon Fox Cranford long represented in Kenya. Chris and Holly, as well as their three boys age 7 to 10 have treated us royally and, although the internet is a little slow by our standards, I am posting today.

Pray for them and their ministry here in Tanzania. They are doing a great work and, of course, face great challenges. We look forward to a long relationship helping them in the harvest.)

I had the privilege of speaking to the local church here on campus this Sunday morning and as is usually the case, I was having trouble settling on a message. As we were enjoying a special song by a group called the “Jerusalem Band”, I found my mind going to a message I have preached a number of times but not recently. It deals with today’s scripture. I had no idea what the words to the song said since I do not speak Swahili, but after it was finished, the person leading the service explained in English that the song was about the very same story as the message that came to mind! I had my message.

This is a very familiar story from the bible. However, we usually miss some things when we read it. First, this story takes place in one of the most significant chapters in the bible. Mark 4 contains Jesus explanation of the parable of the sower. This teaching unlocks faith in the word of God like few other teachings in the bible.

The bible says in verse 35, that on the very same day Jesus said to his disciples, “Let us go to the other side of the lake.” As they were in the boat on the journey, Jesus fell asleep. As he slept, a storm arose on the lake. Many of the disciples were professional fisherman, and yet the storm was so severe that even these professional seamen were afraid.

We might be harsh on the disciples when we see what they did next, but I wonder how many of us would have done any better. They cried out to Jesus saying, “Don’t you care that we are about to die. How can you sleep through this great a storm? Jesus gets up, stands in the front of the boat and speaks to the storm, “Peace, be still!” To the amazement of the disciples, the wind and the waves obey him and they are saved.

As I read this story, I wondered along with Jesus why the disciples seemed to have no faith in him when they faced the storm. They had lived with him for some time by now. They had seen him do great things. They had just heard one of the most powerful teachings in the bible and yet when faced with adversity all they could do was question Jesus’ love for them. What was their problem?

As I read the last verse of this chapter, I understood what the problem was.

Mark 4:41 (NKJV) 41 And they feared exceedingly, and said to one another, “Who can this be, that even the wind and the sea obey Him!”

The reason the disciples had no faith even after living with Jesus and seeing who he was and what he could do is that they did not understand who was in their boat. They had heard him teach. They had watched him heal the sick and provide for needs in ways that defied explanation and yet they really did not understand who he was.

I began thinking about the idea of a boat. I am not a good swimmer. I might be able to “beat my way across the water” for a short distance, but if I had to bet my life on my ability to stay afloat in open water, I would lose. When you are out in a boat and you cannot see the shore that boat becomes you whole life. It is your safety. It contains whatever provision you are going to have. It is the only way you are going to get to where you need to go. If that boat sinks, you are finished especially if you swim like I do.

In my thinking, I could see a boat on the open water as a type of our lives. We are on the open water of life. We traverse the expanse of the water in a boat made out of what we believe. If we are unsaved, our boat is made only out of what we know and what we believe naturally. Our boat consists of our ability to provide for our needs. It consists of whatever relationships or resources we have access to that can sustain us or prosper us in our journey. We even use a term when we are in trouble that relates to this nautical idea of life. We say that we must do enough to “stay afloat.”

We all go through life in this boat. If we are saved, we need to understand that we are not alone in our boat. The disciples understood the sea. They were professional fishermen but their knowledge was insufficient to overcome the storm they were facing. They were leaning to what their natural knowledge could provide for them. However, they had a very important passenger in their boat.

They knew Jesus and yet when the pressure of the storm came, they turned to natural knowledge and natural abilities. They knew Jesus was there. They knew there was something special about him. They may have even guessed he was the Messiah. However, under duress they did not really know who was in their boat.

We may know Jesus. We may have walked with him for many years. We may have seen him do wonderful things in our lives but when we are faced with a storm, do we really know who is in our boat? If we lean to our natural abilities or understanding and find them lacking, do we understand who is in our boat with us. The disciples did not.

Let me ask you today. Do you know who is in your boat? When the storms of life arise, do you understand the nature of the savior who rides through them with you? If you are afraid, I can tell you for certain that you do not really understand who he is. If you wonder if he has stopped caring as the disciples did, you have missed the nature of the one in your boat.

Jesus is with you through every storm. If the wind and the waves need to be calmed, he can do it. If your boat seems to be filling with water, cry out to him in faith and he will be there to get you to the other side. Our boat is made up of what we believe just like everyone else’s boat. The difference is our boat is made strong by what we believe about Jesus and who he is in our boat.

Lord and time willing, we will look at who is in your boat over the next few days. In the mean time, know this. Jesus loves you. He is with you and he will be there in any and every storm life can throw your way. Since he is in your boat you cannot fail to make it to the “other side” in your life’s journey.

Traveling Again. We Covet Your Prayers

We are on our way to the nation of Kenya again this year.  My wife, Pastor Elaine Kiefer, is joining me for this trip and will be ministering in a woman’s conference as well as with me in various churches and conferences.  I will be gone 6 weeks. My wife will be with me for three of them and I will be joined by my assistant pastor Jesse Lee for ten days.

I will try to post when I can so check back frequently.  Please pray for us.  As you all know the world is a more dangerous place than at any time in my memory.  However, we still believe that the commission to go into all the world is valid and we are obeying.  I believe this will be a transformative time of ministry in Kenya.  We thank God for the doors opened to us by Brother David Cerar.

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The Prerequisites

Psalm 112:1 (NKJV) 1 Praise the LORD! Blessed is the man who fears the LORD, Who delights greatly in His commandments.

We began this week looking at Psalm 112. This is that picture of an unshakable and therefore supernatural life. We found that the key to his unshakable nature was that his heart is fixed on one basic thought. He trusts in the Lord. No matter what he faces, whether good or bad, he understands that his only hope is to trust in the Lord. He filters every bit of input through that idea.

Because of this mindset, he does not fear bad news. He understands that God is in control of every situation and will eventually do whatever is necessary to bring victory and blessing into his life. Just as God instructed Joshua to meditate on the Word of God day and night, this man sets his heart on trusting in the Lord and will not be moved. As a result, his heart is established and he does not fear.

In the first verses, I found some prerequisites to becoming the man in Psalm 112. The first one seems simple, but it is vital if we are going to be established in our hearts. We must praise the Lord.

The first words in this psalm are, “Praise the Lord.” I almost overlooked this simple phrase. Of course David exhorts us to praise the Lord. This is a psalm after all. I felt the Lord stop me and ask, “Do you really know what that means?” This is probably the most common question the Lord asks me in our interactions. I decided to look up the word “praise” as used in this verse.

The Hebrew word is the word from which we get “Hallelujah.” It has some interesting meanings. I will share a few. The first meaning in Strong’s definition is to make clear. The implication is to make the origin of a sound clear. As I thought about this, I realized that true praise happens when we are clear about where our praise is coming from. Many times people sing songs and may even have an emotional release. I am only praising God when the source of my song is true gratitude for what the Lord has done in my life.

This word also means to shine, make an open show or boast. If I want my heart to be so established in the Lord that I do not fear, I must cultivate a lifestyle of boasting about my God. If I boast in myself, it is unwise. However, boasting in the Lord is not only acceptable it is vital to our spiritual success.

There are many things in life that can cause us to be fearful. We do not have to look very far to find reasons to worry. When we choose to boast about what the Lord has done in our lives, we begin to refocus on the only thing that can make a difference. Without the Lord, we can do nothing. Thank God, we are not without him. When I declare, “God is great and greatly to be praised!” it releases something in my heart. When I rehearse his goodness to me, I remember that the present difficulty is no match for how awesome my God really is. I need to shine the light of my praise on every situation until I can see it in the light of his greatness.

One of the more interesting ideas in this definition is to be “clamorously foolish.” Is there anything more foolish to someone who does not believe than the person who will praise God when there seems to be no cause? This word tells us that we should not only embrace such foolishness but we should be “clamorous” about doing so. Synonyms for clamorous are “loud” and “rowdy.” A praiser is not afraid to get a little loud and rowdy about how his God will do what he said he would do. The world will not understand it, but that is the nature of praise.

Finally, the word means to rave about God. I can only think of the way we act when we are in love with someone or something. We rave about it. We cannot say enough good things about that person or that thing. Maybe we get a new car and we want to tell everyone about the features, power and dependability of this vehicle. As far as anyone would know from us, our new vehicle is the best one ever built. If it is a person, we talk about their wonderful qualities while seemingly forgetting whatever failings they may have. We rave about what we love.

Do we love God enough to rave about him? Are we rehearsing to everyone we know how wonderful he is. Do we read about all the “options” available to us because of our relationship with him? Do we instead focus on things that have not happened or the disappointments that inevitably come in life? When we choose to rave about him, we will find that his power and goodness will grow in our hearts until we are established, trusting in the Lord.

The second prerequisite is that we fear him. “Blessed is the man who fears the Lord.” We are not talking about being afraid of God the way a child might be afraid of an abusive parent. To fear the Lord is to have that healthy awe and respect for him that we might have for a truly great person with whom we have relationship.

Can you imagine how you would feel if you were intimately acquainted with a world ruler? Even if you were friends, the awesome power that such an individual wields should make us think about how we relate to them. Intimacy with the Father God is important but without the proper level of fear and reverence, we will not be able to see him in the proper light and we will not trust him as we should. Say what we might about trusting people we know, when we are too familiar with their shortcomings, trust suffers.

God is the King of the universe. He is the creator of all things. He is absolutely pure and absolutely holy. He is without flaw and without peer. When we come into his presence, we need to remember these things. We are there because he has made a way for us to be there not because we deserve to be there. He owes us nothing and yet he gives us everything. He could destroy us with a thought but instead his thoughts for us are always good and never evil. If we want to be free from fear through trusting in the Lord, we must maintain the proper fear and respect for him.

Finally, we must delight in his commandments. The word “delight” means to take pleasure in something. Do we take pleasure in the Word of God? I know that I go back to this again and again. Some may feel I am repetitive in my insistence that the Word of God is the primary key to everything. I do not apologize. It is the key to everything! This verse uses a term that leads to a specific aspect of God’s Word. The Psalmist says we must delight in God’s commandments.

Some 30 years ago, we came into a stream of teaching that showed us how to access the promises of God and believe them into existence in our natural lives. We learned how to believe for healing, prosperity and freedom in every area of life. There is nothing wrong with that. I still teach and believe those things. However, that focus could be called delighting in the promises of God. He certainly wants us to do that. This verse is pointing us to something else.

How can we be established, trusting in the Lord? We must not only delight in his promises but we must delight in his commandments. We must study the Word for more than just the ability to receive the good things God wants for us. We must study the word so we will have faith to be the kind of people he wants us to be. The commandments of the Lord are not meant to limit us but to protect and form us. When we delight in his commandments we become more like him every day. As we do, we grow in our trust in him until we find that we are like the man in this psalm.

Psalm 112:7 (NKJV) 7 He will not be afraid of evil tidings; His heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD.

Psalm 112: An Unshakeable Life

Psalm 112:7-8 (NKJV) 7 He will not be afraid of evil tidings; His heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD. 8 His heart is established; He will not be afraid, Until he sees his desire upon his enemies.

Our study on becoming a supernatural people living in the natural world has taken us to Hebrews 12. This chapter tells us that we are receiving an unshakable kingdom. This is picture of stability is something the world needs to see reflected in the lives of believers. It is also part of what makes us supernatural people. As I was praying about this, the Lord reminded me of Psalm 112. In this Psalm, we see a picture of a man who is living the unshakable and supernatural life about which we have been studying.

In today’s scripture, we see a man who is not afraid of evil tidings. I know we have all had that 3 AM phone call. What is the first thing we think when the phone rings? For most of us, it is not, “I wonder who is giving me a million dollars?” Usually our heart will race and we will imagine the worst. As a pastor, I have had my share of those calls and they are never pleasant.

Most of us have been through some kind of stressful situation in life. It may be financial or physical. We fear bad news from the bank or the doctor. Maybe a loved one is ill and we fear the news that they have taken a turn for the worse or they have passed away. One of the most impressive things about this man is that he is not afraid of evil tidings. He does not react in fear about anything. Why is this true in his life?

The heart of man is what we might call the subconscious mind. It is the place where our attitudes are formed. It is the filter through which all our thoughts flow. It is the part of us that determines our perspective about all things. There are two words used in these verses to describe this man’s heart. One is steadfast and the other is established.

Look at the Amplified Bible’s translation of verse 7.

Psalm 112:7 (AMP) 7 He shall not be afraid of evil tidings; his heart is firmly fixed, trusting (leaning on and being confident) in the Lord.

I like the word used here in place of steadfast. The word is fixed. This implies a number of things. Evil tidings cannot shake this man because his heart is fixed on something. We are not talking about fixing something that is broken. We are talking about something that is fixed in place. Something that is bolted down is fixed in place. It is not going to move from where it is. This man’s heart is fixed in place and it cannot be moved. What is it fixed to? The bible says it is fixed to “trusting in the Lord.

There is another use for the word “fixed.” We say that we get a “fix” to aid in navigation. That comes from the days of stellar navigation at sea. The sailors would find a fixed or stationary point in the heavens. If they could maintain the location of that fixed point, they could find their way. We need to make “trusting in the Lord” the one fixed point of our lives so that our navigation through trials is based on that one unchangeable truth.

A synonym of fixed might be set as in setting our radio to a specific station. My wife and I just took a vacation where we drove over 6000 miles. We really enjoyed seeing our great nation. As anyone who has traveled by car knows, you cannot listen to the radio effectively on such a trip. Radio stations are primarily local. You search until you find a station you like, but in a few hours at most and sometimes just a few minutes, you are out of range and the station dissolves into static.

We purchased a new car just before this trip. It was equipped with something called satellite radio. Although there are some limitations, for the most part the stations on satellite radio are available everywhere. We would pick the station and no matter how many miles we drove or what state lines we crossed the signal was the same. What a marvel for travel entertainment.

Why is satellite radio so different? The answer is that it comes from a higher source. The local stations are dependent upon towers and transmitters that have a limited range. Even the strongest stations cannot reach everywhere. Even if they had unlimited power, they cannot find a hill high enough to overcome the line of sight limitations. Satellite radio has no such limitation. It is broadcast from satellites far in space. One satellite covers much of the earth and there are many available. The whole earth can be covered at once in this way.

This man is not afraid of evil tidings because his heart is fixed or set to a higher “station.” His heart is set to “trusting in the Lord.” No matter where he goes, he receives that station. As long as he stays tuned in to that station, all of his news is delivered through the point of view of that station.

Today, we are inundated with news 24 hours a day. Every outlet has its own point of view and often its own agenda. A story from one station can be made out as bad news while another station reports the same story as good news. We need to be careful what station we listen to for our news.

If we are tuned into “my own strength” FM, we are going to hear our news from the perspective of the limitations of our flesh. If we are tuned into “doubt and unbelief” AM, we are going to find that there is no good news. There is only bad news. If we listen to “the devil” 24 hour network, we will be continually deceived. We will never be able to overcome because we are listening to the wrong station.

We need to set our hearts to “trusting in the Lord” on the special Jesus band. When we do, we will hear the same bad tidings but we will not respond to them based on the devils agenda but on what the word has to say about the situation. The more we listen to that station the more it has the ability to cleanse us of doubt and unbelief. The more we hear the news from the point of view of God’s unlimited ability, the more we will believe that anything is possible.

The bible is full of this kind of thinking. When Joshua took over leadership from Israel, the Lord gave him some specific instructions.

Joshua 1:7-8 (AMP) 7 Only you be strong and very courageous, that you may do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you. Turn not from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may prosper wherever you go. 8 This Book of the Law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe and do according to all that is written in it. For then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall deal wisely and have good success.

Joshua was fighting fear. Throughout this chapter, God encourages him to “fear not” and “be very courageous.” Then he tells him how. He needs to get his radio set to “this book of the Law.” He needs to meditative on the Word of God “day and night.” He needs to keep it tuned in to his ears and eyes until it fills his heart. The written word is where it starts, but it extends to our fellowship with God. We must tune our ears to not only his Word but also his voice and the sense of his presence. Then we will be like this man in Psalm 112.

Verse 8 tells us that he is not just unafraid of bad tidings he is simply unafraid. His heart has gone from “steadfast” or “fixed” to established. The difference is that there are no other “stations” for him. His whole life is focused on trusting in the Lord. Every challenge and every blessing is filtered through that one perspective. The Lord is with me, who shall be against me. He will make me overcome in every situation as my heart is fixed and established in him.