Unity Through Fellowship conference 2014

We are having our annual leadership conference here at Living Word this week.  This is a conference based on a principle initially put into practice in Dr. B.J. Pruitt’s church, Spirit and Life Bible Church in Elton, Maryland.  Dr. Pruitt is my pastor and the Apostolic covering for our church. 

God spoke to Dr. Pruitt and said, “Make a place for the ministry to come together.”  Both members of organizations and those who had no affiliation were welcome.  If there were particular doctrines that might be divisive, they would be left at the door.  This was not to be an organization but a place where relationships can develop.

For some 40 years this yearly gathering continued and Pastors, ministers and church leaders from around the world came every year forming life long relationships that have made a difference in the lives of hundreds.  In 1987 during a very difficult time in my life, my wife and I found our way to this conference and everything in our ministry changed.

3 and 1/2 years ago, some of us felt that this kind of conference was needed again.  We began in Newark Delaware in 2011.  We felt that there needed to be a church home for this meeting and, because I felt so strongly about the principle behind what Dr. Pruitt started, I offered our church as the host church.  Much to my joy, Dr. Pruitt agreed.  This is the first “Dr. B.J. Pruitt’s Unity Through Fellowship Conference” sponsored by Living Word Christian Center.

We welcome Dr. Pruitt, Sister Cathy Pruitt and Dr. Eldon Wilson to our church this Wednesday through Friday.  There are many who will be joining us for three days of powerful preaching, prophetic ministry and praise and worship.  We believe that God will manifest himself in a special way. 

Unity through fellowship as a principle is simple.  If people come together over the Word of God and the presence of Jesus and spend time in fellowship over things they can agree on, they will find that the people they may disagree with over certain points are really good people who love the Lord.  In my life, I met people I would never have met in my normal circle of relationship. They have become my dearest friend and covenant brothers and sisters.  By the time we found out we disagreed on some point, it was too late.  We had fallen in love with one anther.

If you are in the Southern Tier of New York state or the Northern tier of Pennsylvania, it is not too late to join us.  You can find directions on our web site, WWW.Livingwordgreene.com.  If you are not able to come this year, no matter where you live, we would like you to join us next February here in our small town. 

As you can imagine, I will be very busy and I don’t think I will get much blogging done this week.  You can get the messages for free on the website above.

God bless,
Pastor Bill Kiefer


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