The Words Heart Cycle

Matthew 12:35-37(NKJV) 35A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things. 36But I say to you that for every idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment. 37For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

We have been studying the power of words to release the promises of God in our lives. God has given us “exceedingly great and precious promises”. These promises represent the will of God for our lives and contain the power of God to bring them to pass. When we believe these promises, the power of God is applied to the challenges we face.

Promises are words, and our words have a major role to play in how they affect us. Proverbs 18:21 makes the bold statement that death and life are in the power of the tongue. Our spoken words make friends with death or life. Our spoken words enforce the status quo that death is trying to hold us within, or they enforce the truth of the word of God.

This week we have been studying the words of Jesus in Matthew 12. He then tells his listeners that good people can produce good things with their words if those words flow from the good treasures that are in their hearts. We ended yesterday by defining the heart as the subconscious part of our soul. The soul is the mind, emotions and will. The conscious mind determines what we think. The subconscious determines how we think. The heart stores both the words spoken to us as well as the experiences of life. Some of these things are good and some are not.

In verse 37, Jesus says we are judged for every idle word. Idle words are the ones we speak when we are not trying to guard our words. They tend to reveal what part of our heart we are drawing from. They also tell us what we really believe. Jesus said out of the abundance of the heart the mouth will speak.

Here is our problem. We will speak from what is in our heart in abundance. We cannot help that. We may try to speak good things, but if we do not have good things in our hearts in abundance, the bad things will come out. If we want to begin producing good things, and Jesus says we can, we need to change what is in our hearts in abundance.

Since the heart stores everything, we have a great deal in there that comes from the accumulated experiences of our past. We cannot change them. They are a part of us. However, we find from the Word of God that once we are born again, we are a new creature. That old past man is dead. All of those experiences and ugly words were spoken to a person who was separated from God. Before salvation the soul, including the heart, must try to contain the death within the spirit of man. Once we are born again that all changes. The spirit of man is full of the life of God.

As a Christian, we have the ability to change our heart from the inside out. Before salvation, the inside was full of death, so we could only change the heart from the outside in. Out of my heart flow my words. My words have the ability to produce either death our life. If my heart is full of death, my words will produce death. If my heart is full of life, I will produce life with my words. I must change my heart. I can do that by tapping into the life within me.

Look at these words from Hebrews.

Hebrews 4:12(NKJV) 12For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

What can affect the thoughts and intents of the heart? The word of God can do that. The word of God as written in the bible has the capacity to enter our hearts as a seed. Mark 4 tells us that the seed grows day and night. As it grows, the seed changes the soil, our hearts, and produces the fruit that the seed planted represents. The seeds of the word of God contain God’s power. If they are healing words, they plant healing seeds in our heart. Joy words plant joy seeds, prosperity words prosperity seeds, holiness words holiness seeds, etc.

As we plant more and more of the seeds of God’s word, a miracle happens. We are new creatures in Christ because of salvation and the new birth. However, the last verse I quoted yesterday, Romans 12:2, tells us that transformation occurs because of the renewing of the mind. The mind is part of our soul. Paul is speaking to the church at Rome, not those who are unsaved. Christians are born again, but they need to be transformed.

How can they be transformed? They are transformed by the renewing of the mind including that subconscious part of the mind called the heart. How can the mind be renewed? The mind is renewed by filling it with the Word of God. This will lead to a transformation of how you think and the ability to access the power of God stored in the promises of God. That will lead to the total transformation of how you live your life.

This is a very important and much larger subject than I can cover here, but let me try to tie it to what Jesus said in Matthew 12. If our words are producing what is in our heart we must make sure that our hearts are full of good treasure. The only way to do that is to change our heart by planting the seeds of God’s Word. One of the ways my heart hears the word of God is when I speak the word of God.

I believe what I say more than I believe any other words. If I read the bible that tells me my God will supply my need, but consistently speak, “I don’t see how we are going to get by. It is impossible for God to meet my needs.”, I will believe my words not God’s. The idle words I speak will reflect that. However, I do not have to speak idle words.

It is difficult for us to grasp that changing how we speak can change what we believe, but it can. There is a cycle at work in our lives. One component of that cycle is the words we speak. There are things in our hearts that come out in our words. They produce good or bad things. My heart is pressing me to release the words it believes. What will happen if I choose not to speak the words that flow from the bad things that are there? What if I choose to speak out of the good treasure that is there? What if I choose to say what the bible says about my circumstances or emotions? What will happen? I will hear the good words and plant the good seeds of God’s word in my heart.

I cannot change my experiences. I cannot just snap my fingers and change my hearts stored treasure. However, I can choose what I will plant in my heart. I can choose what I will think on as well. When I choose to combine my words with the thoughts that come from the word of God, something powerful happens. My heart changes. It begins to store up more and more good treasure. If we continue the process, soon we will find that our idle words begin to produce good fruit. When this happens, the cycle begins to work for us.

Few Christians come to the place of understanding this truth. I have tried to explain something in a few words that takes a lifetime to put into practice. Think about what I have said and ask the Holy Spirit to bring clarity. This is vital. The promises of God are there for us, but we negate them with our words. When we reinforce the promises of God with our words, the only limit to what we can do is the will of God.


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