Meditate in the Promise Day and Night 2

Joshua 1:8(NKJV) 8This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.

Yesterday we began looking at this scripture in the context of believing and receiving the promise of God for your life. When Joshua had to take place of Moses as the leader of the Israelite nation, God instructed him to meditate on the book of the law day and night. If he did so, he would prosper and have success.

God had given Joshua a specific promise earlier in the chapter. The Lord told Joshua that he would be with him in the same way that God was with Moses. God had helped Moses in every trial and challenge by pouring out his power to meet any need he faced. Joshua could expect the same, but it was as he meditated in the books written by Moses that faith for this promise was activated.

Let me remind you of the two Greek words used in the New Testament to translate the idea “Word of God.” Logos is all that God has said. The whole bible is the Logos of God. In Joshua’s day, this consisted of the first five books only. The word Rhema means the Word of God that he is saying right now. As we meditate on a Logos, it will interact with our hearts and become a Rhema word to us. This process may take some time, but if we continue in the Logos, the Rhema will come forth.

I want to show you this process in the life of Joshua. He had a promise from God. God said he would be with him as he was with Moses. However, the Lord told him to meditate on the Logos. Why was it necessary for him to meditate on the Logos if he already had the promise? Joshua was sure that God would be with him, but what exactly did that mean. The promise was that he would be with Joshua as he was with Moses. If faith to receive this promise was to grow, he needed to know how God had been with Moses.

As Joshua meditated in the books written by Moses, he read how God had been with him. He thought about the things Moses had done. One of those things was the parting of the Red Sea. Joshua was there when it happened. He had experienced it firsthand. There was a certain faith that came from that experience, but Joshua was in a different place now. He was the leader of Israel. The promise was that God would be with him as he was with Moses. As he read and meditated on the books Moses had written, he saw this mighty miracle from Moses’ point of view. Faith for how God had been with Moses began to arise in his heart.

There were many things that Moses did and as Joshua meditated on what Moses had written about them, more and more faith for the promise came into his heart. I want to focus on this one event because Joshua will soon face a similar challenge. The command of God was to cross the Jordan River and lead the people into the Promised Land. There was a problem. The river was at severe flood stage.

We recently went through a flood in our region. Our normally calm river became a torrent the caused extensive damage. We live by this river all the time. We cross it every day. It is not something that causes any problem but when it was at flood stage, everything changed.

We could not cross the bridge for a time because of the dangers of the floodwaters. My daughter’s house was nearly underwater. We had to take a boat to get to it because we dared not drive through the floodwaters. The river was many times its normal width. A flood is a formidable obstacle, yet Joshua had to get through it.

Joshua had no boats and he had no bridges. He had to cross the Jordan on foot with all the people of Israel. Under normal circumstances, this was not a problem. People did it all the time. However, now the Jordan was flooded. There was no way to cross the river.

What was Joshua going to do? He could give in to fear. He could say to God, “We can’t go over the Jordan now. Whent he flood goes down we’ll go over, but you can’t expect us to go now.” God had said it was time to cross. There could be no delay.

What was Joshua going to do? He could try to find some boats to get across. He could have tried to do something in his own strength to get across the river. However, there were up to six million people that had to cross the river. It would be impossible to find enough transportation to get them all over the river. It was absolutely impossible to cross the river. What was Joshua going to do?

He had a promise. God would be with him as he was with Moses. He had meditated on the book Moses had written. He had thought about how God had been with Moses at the Red Sea. He had meditated on it day and night. He might have held up a rod as Moses did except he had no rod. Besides the promise was not that God would do things the same way he did them for Moses, it was that God would be with him as he was with Moses. If God was with Moses at the Red Sea, he will be with Joshua at the flooded River Jordan.

I believe he must have gone to the Lord and prayed something like this. “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob I come before you according to the promise. You will be with me as you were with Moses. He faced the Red Sea and now I face the Jordan River. You told him to hold up his staff and you parted the sea. I have no staff but I know you are with me. We will get across the river because you are with me. Now what do you want me to do. Tell me as you told Moses.”

Joshua told the people to get up and cross over the river. Only then did God speak and tell them what they were to do. There was no rod. The river did not part until they stepped into it, but it did part. God showed Joshua and all the people that just as he was with Moses he was with Joshua. God gave Joshua a promise. As Joshua meditated in the Logos that Moses had written, faith for that promise grew until he saw the manifestation of it before his eyes.

What do you face today? The Logos word of God is full of promises. Find a promise and begin to meditate on it. However, do not just look at the one or two verses that make up the promise. Study all you can find on the topic the promise represents. If it is healing you need, find a healing promise. Then read how Jesus healed the sick. Walk with him and observe as he touches the leper and cleanses him. Watch him heal the woman with the issue of blood and rejoice with her at her deliverance. As you do faith for the promise will arise. The Logos word will come alive until the Rhema springs forth in your heart and you cry out, “I am healed now by the stripes of Jesus.”

The Logos is full of promises for your life, but we have also found that there are promises for the salvation of the city as well. Find those promises and read them. Now do not stop there but go to the word and walk with Jesus as he touches the lost soul. Listen as he speaks to the woman at the well. Rejoice with her as she finds her Messiah.

Go to the book of Acts and walk with Peter and John as they go up to the beautiful gate of the temple in their city. Watch as they heal a lame man and follow him as he goes “walking and leaping and praising God” into the temple itself. See how thousands come to Jesus because of this miracle. As you meditate in the Logos of God, the Rhema promise will arise with faith in your heart and you will see miracles with your eyes just as Joshua did in his day.


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